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Dear Collector,

I am pleased to welcome you, or should I say ‘introduce you’ to the now revisited periodical Newsletter on Philately.

With the exception of our new collector friends, this periodical titled “Papua New Guinea PHILATELIC NEWS’ should ring a bell to a handful of our long-time friends who have been, and still are the pillars of our Bureau, The periodical, although smaller in size (A5), however, provided a fair coverage on all aspects of the Philately business.

With a well informed public, and a committed editorial team, the going was rosy for all back then. The success of the bureau, at that time, somewhat gave Post PNG a needed shot in the arm; that subsequently enabled the management to consider home improvement in their Annual Operation Plan (AOP); a modern Post Office building was built in the once booming suburb of Boroko. The development alone did a great deal of morale boosting to the workforce, however, despite the promising signs, the hilarity was short-lived, as the company went into experiencing a gloomy period, thus, creating a challenging environment that subsequently forced the company to go into liquidation. Among other factors diagnosed, the advancement of modern technology seemed to beep the loudest, which sent everyone into a rationing mode in terms of resources, including time. And time being the most valuable resource that fuelled the ‘Papua New Guinea PHILATELIC NEWS’ edition, it paid the price as a consequence. The periodical came to an abrupt stop lasting decades. Therefore, the decision to revive the newsletter, I’m sure, will be a fresh breath of air to most.

It was such a feat back then, to juggle with the responsibility of not only keeping the publication on the press but importantly succeeding as well in the running of the Mail Order business. So if we are to square the success, the onus now is on us to consciously take it from where it lapsed, and hopefully feed it with the same kind of ingredients required.

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Issue #1 - September/October 2019

Issue #2 - November/December 2019


Please visit us again to learn more of further developments when I am Talking Stamps again.

BANIAN MASIBODA                                                                                                              

Manager – Post PNG Philatelic Bureau

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