Our Services

We offer a wide range of services, including: 

1.  Door to Door Deliveries 
We take pride in servicing our clients by way of doing door to door delivery for them. 

2.  International Freight Forwarding 
Using our global freight forwarding business partners (DB Schenker & ANL Logistics), we are able to pick your FCL/LCL cargoes ex-works from your suppliers’ warehouses in any international port, assist with documentations & ship on the next available vessel direct into Port Moresby or Lae ports. 

3.  Domestic Freight Forwarding 
We move freights within and around Papua New Guinea between Ports and we also do delivery all the way to customers’ door-steps nationwide.

4.  Customs Clearance Services
We do both Import and Export clearances at any declared Port within PNG. We have our own registered Customs agent, Customs compilers and Shipping clerks. Our own professional team will ensure that all your imports are well documented and lodged for pre-customs clearances. We ensure that clients avoid cost associated hassles in engaging private agents/brokers.

5.  Cartage Services 
We leverage a well-established and comprehensive delivery and pick up network in Papua New Guinea. We provide a reliable and sustained transport model that can quickly respond to your demand anywhere in Papua New Guinea. We move all cargoes including:

  • 20ft Containers (FCL/LCL)
  • 40ft Containers (FCL/LCL)
  • Break bulk cargoes 
  • LCL cargoes 
  • Heavy machinery

6.  Metro Delivery Service 
The ‘Door to Door Metro Package Delivery’ is an essential part of operation efficiency and is a normal business practice in across the globe. Due to congested traffic within city limits, cost cutting measures and continuous emphasis on time management across all industries, Post Logistics in its focus to drive innovation through tailored logistics is contemplating the “Door to Door Metro Package Delivery” service for its valued and potential customers. The Door to Door Metro Package Delivery’ basically entails pickup and delivery of small and light weight items such as small parcels, documents and samples within 24hr/48hr delivery standards.

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