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Products and Services

Post PNG's primary business activity is centred around delivering mail throughout Papua New Guinea and the world.

Our objective is to provide a mail service that is safe, secure, efficient and fairly priced.

In addition to our mail services, we also provide agency services in collaboration with major service providers.


M Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions with regard to our postal products and services

  • How do I send mail?
  • How does Post PNG deliver my mail?
  • What are the mail requirements within PNG?
  • What are the international mail requirements?
  • What items are prohibited from being sent through mail?

Our Services include

  • Mail Services
  • Express Mail Services
  • Money Transfer - MobileSMK, Salim Moni Kwik and Wsetern Union.

S Express Mail Service

Express Mail Service or EMS is a courier service that we provide.

EMS is the fastest way to send items via mail. Click here to learn more about EMS.

View Express Mail Services

Domestic Services Domestic mail services that we provide.

View Domestic Services

International Services

International mail services that we provide.