Postal Services

1. Private Letter Box (PLB)

With over 44 sites nationwide, giving you more than 45,158 choices to own one of Private Letter Box (PLB) nationwide. Owning a PLB is one of the requirements needed to register a company, a TIN# with IRC, buying and selling online or for other personal use.

2. Drop Box Advertising

Our un-addressed Drop Box advertising is available in all post offices nationwide. You can get Optimum Advertising mileage for your products and services at the least cost.  You can send your brochures, flyers, post cards, product catalogues including product samples to your customers in target specific areas of the country or region. Moreover, you can even send announcements, public notices, important news items and research or survey questionnaires which would be delivered to your targeted audiences’ via their Post Office Boxes.

3. Register Mail (REG MAIL) and Bulk Mail

We have available services for Register Mails and Bulk Mails, when sending important documents or statements to your customers.

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